Do Not Sell My Personal Information

Warner’s works with third party advertising companies to deliver ads to you, including ads tailored to you based on how you browse and shop online, a practice commonly referred to as “interest-based” or “behavioral” advertising. We allow these third parties to collect certain information when you visit our websites or use our applications, including non-personally identifiable information (browser type, subject of advertisements clicks on, session IDs) and information that may be considered personal data or personal information (such as static IP address or device identifiers). These third parties typically use cookies or tracking technologies to collect this information on websites and applications owned by us or third parties. Under the California Consumer Privacy Act, the use of third party advertising companies and the placement of cookies or tracking technologies on our website may be considered a sale, based on the statutory definition of the term, even though no money changes hands. If you like would to opt-out of these third parties using your personal information for interest-based advertising, please click on the links below for information about how to do so. Please note that you may continue to receive advertisements for Warner’s regarding our products even after you opt out. Those advertisements may be delivered to you based on your future interactions with us or based on the determination of our business or advertising partners that you are a member of the desired audience for a campaign. Third parties will continue to receive personal information after you opt out, but they will be permitted to use the information only for purposes of intellectual property protection, legal compliance, consumer safety, authentication, verification, fraud prevention, security, billing, fulfillment, and reporting on or delivering ads. In the future, we may offer different tools that you can use to opt out of sales of personal information.

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